Disbeer N DisWhat???

We started in 2018 when a few comments about how we should start a podcast emerged as a result of us drinking and rambling in the kitchen.  The trial began, we formed a podcast based on our drinking conversations on how weird shit creeps us out and have grown an audience from there.  We are Danyelle, Katie, and Wifey with a mission of sharing our drinks during a recording and doing our best to push each others buttons.  We loving refer to each other as hateful bitches and record in our podcast lounge named Sophia.

Disbeer N DisWho???

Katie - Katie only speaks in GIF's and hates on everything while singing 80's pop music.  You can find her lip-syncing Cher or talking about any true crime murder that ever happened.....seriously her true crime knowledge is eerie....

Danyelle - Danyelle dyed her hair too many times, so she sits in her swivel chair in the podcast lounge named Sophia and drinks until she thinks she is married to James Dean. 

Wifey - Wifey hates movies, spiders, and life, so she drinks a lot of wine and hides in her hermit hole until Friday recordings or until she unleashes on Twitter

Dr. Morning Wood - Dr. Morning Wood makes a guest appearance in our show when he wants to add his smarts into a topic.  He has a degree in dance and knows a  lot about morning wood.  He is Danyelle's husband and our audience's favorite special guest.